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Our Services


Residential Clients

$60+ tax 1 hour (1st time only) 
$140+ tax for MAX 2 hrs flat rate. 
Anything over is $35/hr extra 


Balcony cleans

$200+ tax 2hrs max 

One Time/Once a Month Cleans

One time/once a month cleans includes 2 people, two hours max at $200+tax. anything over that is an extra $35/hr plus tax.



$250+ tax 2.5 hrs max $35/hr extra 


Carpet  and Upholstery Cleans

Shampooing Services for beds and couches $300 flat rate. Shampooing surfaces for carpets and area rugs $300-600 +Tax flat rate. 


Staging flat rate

$300+tax includes gift basket for new owners 


Commercial & Moves

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 2 cleaners
$280 +GST flat rate MIN of 2 hours MAX of 3 hours
Anything over is $35/hr +GST

Post-Construction Cleans

Post-construction cleans are based on how long it’ll take, 5000 a month for five properties for mid-construction cleaning. And final cleans or one hour start at $300 per visit and go up if it takes longer.

Move Out Cleans

$300-1000 + tax
Depending on sq footage. 

. All flat rate prices. 


Up Island Cleaning

Cleaning up island is available!

Duncan and surrounding areas are flat rates and determined after a brief walk through.

Please contact us directly for a quote and booking!


I wanted to accomplish this!

Upon starting this business, I merely wanted something I could do on the side, something to bring money in but also to have time with my home life. I did not realize when going into this how passionate I would become. The joys it brings me to walk into a home, business, or any space really and turn it into something someone wants to always be in brings me the most joy; I love seeing things shine! I know for myself I do not want to do anything when I get home from work, aside from relaxing with my family. I want that for my clients as well. 

Some policy things

Last minute cancellations will still be charged 50%, We require at least a 30 days notice or you will be charged the full month

Just a friendly reminder that invoices are sent out a week in advance. Any late payments can be subject to a 50% late fee.

We require at least two appointment notice before service cancellation.

Treat Yourself to a Worry Free Cleaning Experience

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